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Website Design and Development

Website design or redesign is can be handled by our web development team. We build sites using HTML, PHP, and ASP technologies. No matter how big or small your website needs to be, we can build it to your specifications. Add social media and mobile applications to the mix and you have a web presence that will reach your market. AllBiz Web also offers website management and will maintain your site, social media and business support tasks for you.

When designing your site, we follow the process below:

  • Create your site architecture or improve your existing one.
  • Work with you to specify the functionality needed for your website, such as:Create strategic plan so you know exactly where the content on your website will be placed.

~Login Page  ~Payment Services  ~Newsletter Sign Ups  

~Auto-Responder Set Up  ~Plus Much More!

  • Execute design once it is approved by you.
  • Develop approved designs.
  • Test for usability.


A business thrives on retaining existing customers and bringing in new customers. Marketing a crucial component to doing both. We work with you to determine your target market. Then we design a marketing plan that will reach customers within that market, and implement a plan using marketing techniques that are affordable to your budget. We utilize the power of social mediaprint media, and market your promotions and events.

Online Marketing Services

Making sure all of your social media accounts are properly updated and send a cohesive message can be a lot of work. We can help manage them and drive traffic to your site by:

      • Creating and managing social media accounts (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
      • Moderate comments made on your blog so that the message is positive and on topic.
      • Moderate your forums and be an active participant.

Creative Services

Hiring an ad agency can be expensive. We can professionally handle your advertising, marketing, and branding at a much lower cost by:

      • Creating a logo for your company and designing all business forms to match your corporate identity.
      • Developing print and merchandising materials.
      • Developing finalized artwork and Flash animations.
      • Creating storyboards for videos, AVPs and presentations.
      • Creating TV ad campaigns.
      • Developing direct mail campaigns and other creative media.

Professional Writing Services

We have a full team of writers who are capable of providing you with the following services:

Writing articles and blog posts.

      • Writing and submitting press releases.
      • Writing and optimizing your web content.
      • Proofreading and editing existing articles or articles written for your company.

Web Education & Consulting

When you hire a business strategist, they should understand that you run your own business for two primary reasons: to make money, and to be your own boss. We feel there should be a third reason, to enjoy what you do. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs, developing and refining programs that help business owners find joy in their work while also making a profit! In order to achieve this goal, we work with you on the following areas.

Customer Service Business Development

The best resource a business can have is a satisfied customer. Not only are they more likely to return for repeat business, but they are also likely to recommend your service to their friends. We work with you to improve your customer service and offer your clients easy options to refer your business easily, efficiently, and effortlessly. We will guide you through working with your employees to utilize these techniques and create more satisfied customers for your business. We can work with you on incentive and referral programs, and employee trainings on professionalism, workplace etiquette, appearance, and communication.

Employee Retention Business Development

Employee turnover can be one of the biggest overhead costs incurred by a company. When you lose an employee, you have to devote resources to finding, hiring, and training a new employee to take their place. We work with you to find cost-effective methods to train your employees, keep them motivated, and ensuring they are productive members of your team for a long time. We can develop training programseventsone-on-one coachingmotivators, and professional development opportunities for your company.

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  • Website Design and Development
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  • Creative Services
  • Professional Writing Services
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Retention

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