Recently one of clients confided that she felt a bit overwhelmed and needed a bit of help on how to build confidence within her business and help her clients see her true value. What seemed like a straightforward question was actually laced with years of self -doubt and lackluster growth within her business. What I heard has more to do with her mindset and expectations rather than how her clients are and are not responding.

It is important to state when you have your own business its success or failure is in direct relation to what goes on between your ears! No kidding. Yes, there are many steps that move your great idea into reality but ultimately what really holds most people back are their thoughts. Thoughts full of doubt, lack of faith and pure disbelief. Mind you, there is not one successful entrepreneur who has yet to NOT experience self-doubt at one time or another. We are only human and as a business owner there are realities that one must consider such as… Am I catering to the right market. Is my product good enough? Can our infrastructure handle increased client demands?  However, these are not thoughts rooted in a lack of belief. These are strategic questions that can move you closer to the ideal you have within your heart and your mind. What we are discussing here are those personal self doubts and insecurities that can play over and over like a recording. Can I really do this? She was right when she said I didn’t have what it takes. No one is going to buy from me – etc. Sometimes it seems as if such thoughts will never end! The true difference is what you do with these thoughts. How do you handle them?  Do you let them keep playing or do you focus on finding solutions? What you do is the difference between success and failure. The goal is to replace those negative thoughts with thoughts based in reality and thoughts that support your dreams and aspirations.

Hopefully you have been working on your thoughts and how they manifest within your life. If you have then you know with practice you can strengthen that belief muscle and use it to your advantage. If you are still seeking answers then maybe the tips below will help steer you in the right direction.

For starters…

Do it… regardless — learn to ignore that little voice and just do it anyway. Nike had it right with their famous ad campaign ‘Just do it’.  You can repeat this whenever necessary. When you see life as an experience of continuous lessons you will understand how belief in yourself actually eases life’s challenges. This is because of the lesson held within the experience itself. If you didn’t push yourself forward to have the experience then you would have not gained the lesson.

Make it a point today to stop allowing negative self-defeating thoughts rule your life. It is through each experience you are also able to strengthen your resolve and allow disbelief to disappear from your life.

Let go of perfection — Having a standard is one thing but perfection places high expectations which causes unnecessary stress. When you have belief then you don’t need perfection. This is because of the confidence you have in your strengths and abilities through experience. You will find that belief in yourself is enough though so you can handle any situation. Create your own standard of excellence and this too will help your self belief grow because you are focused on what you can achieve and not what the world or some else imposes.

Optimism is the remedy that can cure any self-doubt you may have. You must remember that self-doubt can crop up in even the most outwardly confident person. It is your job to instill a strong foundation of optimism. You do this by changing how you view the challenges that fall before you. Give yourself the gift of looking at your situation with new eyes full of hope and pure positiveness as you watch the miracles unfold!

Is that so tough? Is believing in yourself really a gamble? Is there really any risk in believing in your ability to handle any situation that comes your way?  I think not. When we are open and honest about our strengths and weaknesses we discover self-awareness and with that kind of inside information you definitely have a jump on our competition! You are free to seek solutions. You are free to believe. Belief in yourself and your dreams will provide the fuel you need to carry on and move closer to making your dreams a reality. When you believe in yourself despite all the odds that is when you really do have the world in your hands. Make sure to share some techniques that work for you in the comments box below.  Happy Business! ~De

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