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This site serves as home for my 18+ years experience as a small business consultant helping tech challenged experts find workable on & offline branding and marketing solutions. My unique area of expertise is in identifying systems and building platforms that will showcase your unique business offering.

It has always been a dream of mine to become an Art Dealer in South America. The combination of business & art has always intrigued me. Since I’ve yet to take any advanced art classes or bone up on my Spanish, it appears web design will have to serve as the perfect outlet for my creativity.

Now the  minutes turn into hours and with a stroke of the mouse with click here and there, I am now able to bring your vision to life thereby creating an online home for your passion which sounds to me like the perfect combination for success!

Through the years I’ve managed to build a home based business by supporting entrepreneurs and their dreams through various online ventures and monthly networking events.  This site  is dedicated to bring all of these activities together in one place. This site is all about my business, my lessons, my crazy adventures, and my plans to change the world!

I’m excited at the prospect of speaking with you and hearing more about what you want to do with your business.

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De Harris, Strategy Advisor/Entrepreneur

WOW Network Alliance President/Founder
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Systems Implementation (creating systems within your biz) – Business building using online platforms – Small business growth strategies – List building (email marketing and offline touch-points) – Web design (all aspects coding & design, main focus WordPress) – Time Management (personal and professional) – Tools for Increasing Biz Efficiency  – Personal coaching for improving Work/Life Balance – Small Business Social Media Strategies – Personal and professional Branding – One on one coaching for all aspects surrounding the Web

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