When the moment arrives and you finally decide to branch out to start your own business it becomes all too clear that there is more to having your own business than meets the eye. Not only do you underestimate the actual demands (the extra hours and constant decisions), you soon discover also all too quickly that you turn into the ultimate go to person. Yikes!

What you can also underestimate are the many rewards. Sure you know you are in the driver’s seat. You know that are now free to set your own schedule and choose who you will work with. You like the idea that you are able to make as much or as little as you desire while spending each day focused on what you love to do. But one thing that really caught me by surprise is the pure sense of satisfaction you feel inside when you start seeing results. No, I’m not just talking about results within your business like money or more leads. I’m talking about the satisfaction you feel when you see your clients fly on their own. When you see that all the hard work, weekly conferences, training and more training, the back and forth, mistakes and the ‘just getting to know’ one another phase finally comes together to create a flow. The moment when you see your client, who first came to you not knowing which direction they were headed or what to do next, has now morphed into a person who has a higher level of confidence and a true understanding of their abilities as they work within their own passion and expertise. You see traction. You see speed. You see flight. Now that’s true client satisfaction!

It is within moments like these that you feel validated by your your decision to strike out on your own. Mostly because you know you have made a difference in the life of another human being. You have brought your client closer to their dreams and aspirations. Closer than what they were able to do on their own. It is a feeling that is closely associated to seeing your child take their first steps and then move on to their first day of school. You feel proud and happy. You feel content. You ultimately feel satisfied because you know you’ve been there every step of the way. You also know that one day graduation will come and so you decide to enjoy the moments while cultivating your ability to craft true ‘client satisfaction’ for both you and your base. So if you’re on the fence on whether to start your business, DO IT! If you’re just starting out, STAY THE COURSE! If you’re a seasoned professional then take a moment to reflect on your most satisfying client moments and share them below. I’d love to hear. ~De

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