It was Wednesday, September 7th when Shannon underwent outpatient surgery to treat a bone spur in her left shoulder. So began an unfortunate turn of events that has left Shannon at St Joseph’s hospital in Atlanta.

The surgical procedure was performed successfully and Shannon experienced a routine recovery process. She was able to talk with the doctor about her surgical procedure and impart valuable wisdom on cupcake recipes with the patient in the next bed.  She was cleared for discharge and the nurse gave Nate instructions to go retrieve the car so Shannon could begin the journey home. During the next three minutes, Shannon collapsed and lost consciousness. The staff at the surgical center performed CPR and restored her heart beat, and although Shannon regained consciousness, she never again spoke or communicated.

Shannon suffered significant brain damage due to lack of oxygen during her collapse.  After 9 days in ICU and after a number of attempts to provider her something that would aid recovery, Nate and the doctors determined that it was time to honor wishes Shannon expressed in her advanced directive and her life support systems were removed.  2 days later, Shannon passed away at 48.

Those of you who knew Shannon know she was one of the sweetest human beings to walk the face of the earth, the best mom Reid and Spencer could ask for and a wife with the patience of Job. Shannon defined her life being in service to her family, her extended family and her many friends across the country.

The early entries here are from Shannon’s time in ICU when this site was used to keep people informed.  In the time since Shannon’s death, Nate has been using this site as a way to continue those efforts to keep friends informed about how the family is doing, but also to share his experiences as he works to cope with the loss of his wife of over 26 years.  Thanks for reading.

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