Say ‘Hello’ to No More Lines at the Grocery Store

Say ‘Hello’ to No More Lines at the Grocery Store

What would make grocery shopping more pleasurable other than half off of every item in the store? If everyone was polled then I bet the number one answer would be – No More Lines at checkout!

If you’re like me then you are over standing in lines anywhere let alone when you are doing your weekly grocery shopping for yourself and/or your family. You can avoid the lines if wait to go near closing time and even then you’re pretty much in the same waiting to check out boat just like everyone else because there is only one line open. Oh, and never mind the self check out line if you have a cart full of groceries; you might as well pull your teeth rather than trying to scan those 100+ must have items that have jumped in your cart.

Now take a minute and check out what NCR has in store for us in the very near future. A single unit where one cashier can check out three customers at a time. The scanner can read 60 items per second and the item doesn’t have to exactly over the scanner either. It’s seamless and efficient, and  will be a true game changer in the industry due to the shorter wait times that most people complain about. Happy customers are a plus but I’m thinking about those cashiers too who may lose their jobs due to this new technology. The new register is being piloted over in the UK so it will interesting to see how that aspect of its introduction will play out.

Read more here and let me know too if it’s something that appeals to you in the comments box below. Is this really something that will help? Hope so, I’m ready and willing to see. 😉

Quick Facts Excerpt:

“Each unit allows three shoppers to pack and pay at the same time, using innovative imaging technology to automatically scan products placed on a conveyor belt,” NCR said. “This innovative checkout experience reduces queuing, allowing customers to get out of the store more quickly, by increasing the rate at which items are scanned, packed and paid. The flexibility of the NCR retail checkout solution also allows customers to decide how they wish to use it and proceed at their own pace without the pressure of another customer waiting to check out.”

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