Today more than ever it is important to protect yourself and your family from unwanted tracking of your activities on the internet. Most of us are unaware of exactly how rampant this practice is and would be even more surprised at the amount of personal information that can be easily accessed from you just surfing the net. Never fear, there is always a way around those who find a way around your firewall!!!  Below are some suggestions that will help ease your mind without hurting your pocketbook. Let me know what other tools you’ve found that help you protect your online activities. ~De

Ad-Aware: Removes malicious spyware on your computer. Free for home computer use with limited features. LAVASOFT.COM

ZoneAlarm: This firewall watches for suspicious network activity. ZONEALARM.COM

Firefox: This free browser is considered to offer a higher level of security than Internet Explorer. MOZILLA.COM/FIREFOX

Download these Firefox add-on applications for more security:

Adblock Plus: Removes banner ads, which can be malicious. ADBLOCKPLUS.ORG

BetterPrivacy: Removes Flash cookies, which track your movements on the Web and store lots of information about where you go. ADDONS.MOZILLA.ORG

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