Do you ever wonder what it takes to build your online network or to increase the number of followers or fans within your various social media platforms? The answer is easy and is so simple that it is often overlooked. The key is to remember that building a successful online network is all about relationships. The use of social media within your business can do wonders in expanding your reach while growing both your online and offline network. Creating true online success, especially through social media, requires that you have the utmost consideration for those you will be connecting with when choosing the type information you share. If you are posting an endless stream of your daily meals or rants about the negatives in life then expect less than stellar results within your social media marketing campaign. However, if your objective is to expose as many people as possible to your brand while positioning yourself as an industry leader then you must sincerely engage with others in a positive manner while providing relevant information people can absorb for themselves or reuse within their own network.

You’ve heard it before that relationships are a two way street. Creating success while building an online network is no different since you want to let people know about you as you learn about them. You will find that the relationships you build online can easily turn into prospects for your business so the energy you use to cultivate these relationships is well worth the effort. Take the time to learn about others in a truly genuine way. This will endear others to you and also spark their curiosity to see what you are all about. Ask questions, leave comments and also send an article or tidbit that may be of interest to the person you want to connect with. Time and time again when I’ve really paid attention to another person’s interests I am suddenly bombarded with tools and useful blog posts that I can send their way. The follow up from there is to ask a quick question or request for them to share their thoughts on what you sent. You can also spark a conversation or two by responding comments they’ve posted or sharing their comments to your own network. Everyone likes a thumbs up, so remember to also send a quick ‘thank you’ letting them know you like what they’re about. Spend the time showing that there is a real human behind the words and you are definitely ‘IN’!

Another option when growing your online network is to partner up with another like-minded business owner and cross promote. Your cross promotion partner is tucked away within your current contact list just waiting to be found. Look for those who are your main ‘cheerleaders’ and consider those who naturally engage with others and possess a spirit of reciprocity. Seek out individuals you already have a good relationship with and where cross promotion will serve as a way to continue to nurture the good will you have already developed. Keep things simple by making sure to have a clear understanding from the beginning that each of you is committed to:

  • Like, share & comment on Facebook posts
  • Share/comment on LinkedIn
  • Retweet & Follow Friday on Twitter
  • Commit to attend events hosted by your cross promotion partner
  • Post articles to each other’s blog
  • Provide testimonials
  • Place a link or logo link on your website
  • Add a link with a bit of text to email signature

These are just a few suggestions but there are plenty of creative and no cost ways to cross promote. By taking action together you can help one another gain access to people and markets that may have seemed out of reach before. The exposure to a new group of people offers each of you the opportunity to create strategic alliances that may well turn into prospects. You just never know who is watching or who has the ability to make you an offer you simply can’t refuse. Cross promotion is a low risk and easy to manage plan to implement. It is just a matter of seeking out a circle of people you can promote and who are truly committed in doing the same for you.

Allowing people to see you as the face behind the business is a simple way to grow your online network as you continue building solid relationships through active engagement. When you make every effort to show people that you are passionate about your industry and have a wealth of knowledge to share you automatically become someone worth knowing. So take the leap, reach out, engage and join forces for the benefit of building rock solid online relationships. Be sure to connect with me using the links below and share your tips on how you grow your online or offline network. ~De

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