HOW TO CREATE A COMMUNITY THAT TRULY THRIVES ~ Featuring Seth Godin | AllBiz Education

HOW TO CREATE A COMMUNITY THAT TRULY THRIVES ~ Featuring Seth Godin | AllBiz Education

So you want to create a community? This too was my desire in the not too distant past. When researching the how’s of creating a community, I found most of the information was good but most of it was really bad. Words cannot express how happy I was in finding this video on the fine points to consider when you want to create a community. Seth Godin has influenced how I think and approach business and his words came at a time when the WOW Network for Women was only a thought in my mind.  Would it work, would people like it and can I really do this? These were all questions which seemed to haunt my mind until Mr. Godin  gave me permission to do business my way and on my terms. He also helped provide the foundation which gave me the strength to know that my idea wasn’t so far-fetched and it could actually work. This particular piece of inspiration is very important because he speaks, not only about how to create a community but expands on the  idea by introducing the concept of  ‘tribes’ and its applications in life and business. If you have ever wanted to know how you can create a community that will positively influence your bottom line then just take a look at this video.  During this video you will be delighted, educated and entertained as you discover that it’s more than your bottom line that needs boost; because when it’s all said and done it’s really about connecting people through your vision in order to create massive impact! Just imagine all the good you can do as you can do. Now really that is the type of influence which is powerful beyond words and what you can have too when create a community that truly thrives.

Learn the lesson, keep moving forward and tell me too what you think in a comment below. ~De

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