Marketing & then some…

A business thrives on retaining existing customers and bringing in new customers. Marketing a crucial component to doing both. We work with you to determine your target market. Then we design a marketing plan that will reach customers within that market, and implement a plan using marketing techniques that are affordable to your budget. We utilize the power of social mediaprint media, and market your promotions and events.

Consulting Services

When hiring a business strategist, they should understand that you run your own business for two primary reasons: to make money, and to be your own boss. We feel there should be a third reason, to enjoy what you do. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs, developing and refining programs that help business owners find joy in their work while also making a profit! In order to achieve this goal, we work with you on the following areas.

Customer Service

The best resource a business can have is a satisfied customer. Not only are they more likely to return for repeat business, but they are also likely to recommend your service to their friends. We work with you to improve your customer service and offer your clients easy options to refer your business easily, efficiently, and effortlessly. We will guide you through working with your employees to utilize these techniques and create more satisfied customers for your business. We can work with you on incentive and referral programs, and employee trainings on professionalism, workplace etiquette, appearance, and communication.

Employee Retention

Employee turnover can be one of the biggest overhead costs incurred by a company. When you lose an employee, you have to devote resources to finding, hiring, and training a new employee to take their place. We work with you to find cost effective methods to train your employees, keep them motivated, and ensuring they are productive members of your team for a long time. We can develop training programseventsone-on-one coachingmotivators, and professional development opportunities for your company.

Now that you know more, here’s how you get started!

Step One

The Consultation

The order process begins with a consultation, either in person or via email. During the consultation we learn more about your needs, personality, and what services your company needs. For the consultation we ask you to bring any visual inspirations you may have, such as: photos, colors, market materials, sketches, inspiration sites, themes, and whatever else you can think of that captures the look and feel of what you want your company to express. Come prepared with as much information as possible. Some examples include: contact information, promotional materials, an event calendar, live site references, writing samples, sample wording, and any specifics of what you need for your site.

Step Two

The Quote

Within 3 business days of your consultation, you will be provided a proposal stating in detail the theme, tone, and turn around dates for your project. We will also provide a price quote that includes all relevant pricing involving your site. We ask that you provide any and all feedback regarding the proposal at this time. Be aware that we will strive to find the best options to meet your needs and your budget. Once we agree on a quote, a non-refundable 50% deposit, by either check, cash, or credit card, is require to begin the design process.

Step Three

The Design Process

As soon as we receive your deposit, the design process begins. We will follow the time frames listed in the proposal. Once we complete the design, you will be shown the design so we can receive your feedback. At this time, we ask you to review the design for any changes that need to be made. If there are any changes that need to be made, we will revise your order and send you the new design at no extra cost. We want your new site to be just the way you want it. Most changes take 2-3 business days, at the most. Whatever you’ve envisioned for your site, we will work with you to make it a reality!

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