My philosophy is:

“When you CREATE a lasting SHIFT in perspective from the INSIDE you can CHANGE the way you see yourself on the OUTSIDE!”

These days, I’m living my dream life as a Lifestyle Modification Coach, Teacher of Spiritual Fitness and practitioner of healthy living. My life hasn’t always been like this…

Just Surviving

For 18 years I worked in an intense corporate environment that left me totally depleted. The external pressures to do more, get more, and achieve more left me exhausted. I was in survival mode, sleepwalking through my day. I’d grab food unconsciously, watch too much TV, and have little to give to myself or others.

Over time, my self-esteem plummeted and my body became heavy and lethargic. I wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle but I would continually fall prey to self-sabotaging thoughts and habits which would lead to poor lifestyle choices.

The Big Shift

One morning, my mom called and said she was having a sharp pain in her back and asked me to come over. I took one look at her and we rushed to the emergency room. It was the worst possible news; a cancerous tumor so large it had taken over her gallbladder and liver. No amount of chemotherapy or radiation would help. Doctors gave mom three months to live. My mom, who was like my best friend and had always been totally healthy and so full of life, passed away exactly three months later.

Devastated and grief-stricken, I withdrew into myself searching for answers, trying to understand how this could have happened and buried myself even deeper in my work. I hit bottom. When I was there, I kept hearing my mom’s voice. When she got her diagnosis, she was calm, clear. She looked at me and said with a smile, “This will be the start of a new beginning for you.”

New Beginning

I walked away from the corporate job and followed my heart to Bryan College. There I studied health and fitness and started learning about how to balance the body’s insulin levels with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes so that diseases like cancer cannot flourish. I changed my own life from the inside out.

I received my certification as a Health & Fitness Professional and gained valuable experience being a personal trainer for one of the leading health clubs in Sacramento, Northern California.

Best of all, I began to feel harmony in my body, mind and spirit again. I learned how to enjoy a lifestyle that was connected with my innermost desires and dreams. I chose to love myself and align myself with Spirit.

I got more fit than I’d ever been. I fell in love and got married. I found genuine happiness and created a business. Mom was right: it was a totally new beginning for me.

Your Time to Shine

The shift from “just surviving” to “thriving” was so profound for me that I knew I must share it with others. I continue to “walk my talk” and teach what I’ve learned to my private clients and a growing on-line community.

For me, it’s all summed up in the coaching I call “Spiritual Fitness” which is about getting fit from the inside out.

Life is a precious gift and my mom taught to have gratitude for every moment we have. As a teacher of Spiritual Fitness, I know that helping you lead a more vibrant, healthy and joyful life allows you to be a more positive light in the world.

I can help you get out of the slump because I’ve been there and I did it myself. It’s time for you to shine! Let’s get started.

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