It is easy to lose steam when marketing your business. Thinking outside the box can be somewhat of a challenge even for the best of us. If you are finding you’ve lost some of your game and want to amp it up a bit then take a cue from Coca Cola and see how to do it right. Recently in Bogotá, Colombia, Coca Cola (the most recognized brand in the world) solidified their reputation in the marketing history books. Allow me to share with you how they did just that…

Of course you’ve heard the term ‘turn your frown upside down’. Well, Coke did just that by turning the daily rush hour grind into a sensation that will be long remembered. What Coca Cola did was build a huge outdoor theater where drivers could listen in on 1 minute movies via a local radio station while receiving a box of pop corn with a super cold Coke mini to help wash it all down. MMMMM good!

They also did a great job on delivery by hiring some good-looking models to dispense the goodies. With a car full of ingenuity and imagination Coke was able to create a world-wide media frenzy that lasted for days while impacting over 183k drivers during the event. Give a big ‘High 5’ to Coca Cola on a  well thought out and executed plan from start to finish.

SEE FOR YOURSELF BY CHECKING OUT THE VIDEO BELOW. Maybe you can use their creativity to spark some guerilla marketing of your own.

Question… What can you do to set HOT FIRE to your business? Share your thoughts of inspiration or even some of your most successful campaigns below. I’d love to hear more! ~De


Click here to SEE VIDEO

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