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Announcing ‘Oaks Senior Living’ Launch #AllBizSite

It’s here! The Oaks Senior Living site has officially launched. Take a minute and check out this beautifully customized WordPress site that has some incredible features that stand out from the rest! We’ve incorporated a flawless slideshow to highlight each community, pop out videos, custom calendars, separate application forms for each community and so much...

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Say ‘Hello’ to No More Lines at the Grocery Store

What would make grocery shopping more pleasurable other than half off of every item in the store? If everyone was polled then I bet the number one answer would be – No More Lines at checkout! If you’re like me then you are over standing in lines anywhere let alone when you are doing your weekly grocery shopping for yourself and/or your family. You can avoid...

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Announcing ‘Shannon’s Gift’ Book Launch

This exciting beyond words!! I’m happy to announce that my client, Nate Bennett, has successfully published his most personal book yet titled ‘Shannon’s Gift’ as a loving tribute to his late wife. Order now and expect to be caught up within a touching story of life and loss. This is a definite must read that inspires and reaffirms the power of love...

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Check Out #AllBizSite

Brand new from AllBiz Web! Announcing the launch of We started Neil from scratch and helped him finalize his domain name, email marketing option, design elements, social media, and marketing funnel. By all means take a minute to check out Neil’s site and you will notice the search for homes feature,  as well as the ability to obtain information on...

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As we all know anything new can seem a bit scary. For some people it’s skydiving and for others it’s the Internet!! Yes, the good old internet with it’s ability to reek havoc within the technology challenged. If you fall in this category, it may be good for you to know that the internet and social media is not such a scary place. In fact, it’s pretty interesting...

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100 Keyboard Shortcuts for the Tech Challenged Expert

Be warned this is a pretty long post but this is only because all the coolest keyboard shortcuts are included. Each one is meant to empower the tech challenged expert by simply making life easier. Initially, my thought was to break this post up in bite sized pieces but who knows maybe you’ll run with the idea of incorporating these easy to use keyboard shortcuts into...

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