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Europe definitely has a great eye when it comes to ads that resonate, inspire and motivate. The pick this week is from BURGER KING NEDERLANDS with this eye catching (couldn’t resist) print ad that just says ‘WOW’!

Having been a former make up artist myself, I can only image the hours spent in planning and executing this one of of kind statement. It really is a work of art. I especially enjoy the use of color and the all around unique simplicity of the message.


Now imagine how you can promote your own business with some creative out of the box thinking. Maybe you are currently running a campaign that shows what your business can offer in a fresh new light. If so, BRAVO! Keep up the good work. If not, take the time to ask for some feedback and then map out a strategic plan that will show what your business can do in manner like never before. You must differentiate you from your competition in order to reap the benefits of new customers/clients seeking out your area of expertise. Adopting this goal beats mustering up the effort required for you to always seek out clients in order to ‘convince’ them of how great you and your business are. All it takes is you stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging in a way that sparks a response that will allow your ideal clients/customers to take notice. Yes, it will take a bit of work and effort but You Can Do It!

I’d love to hear your triumphs and challenges. SEND A NOTE for any specific questions you may have or simply share your thoughts in comments in the box below. I’m always here to help. ~De

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