Please forgive me. I know the title to this post sounds a lot like the theme for a long night at a dance club or maybe the promise of some delights not covered within this blog; however, the title is  only meant to get your attention and since your here it looks like it worked! The point in all this is to establish a case for being unpredictable within your life. This could be unsettling to some. Maybe even a bit scary but when done right being unpredictable is something that you can use to your advantage not only in your personal life but also in your business.

So what does the term ‘Sexy Saturday’ have to do with being unpredictable? Well… Saturday’s are great for planning unpredictable behavior that will help bring more exposure to your business because (yes, you do have to plan) it’s usually quiet and you don’t have a multitude of demands pulling you from all sides.  You’re also a bit more relaxed when the weekend arrives and this quiet time is the perfect starting point for reflection and focused action.

Start by taking some time early in the morning to rethink your own business marketing strategy and decide on some clever & unique ways to rev up your game a notch or two.What can you do to excite those around you so they know they can’t live without what you have to offer? What else can you do to make those who support or work with you engage more within your vision? What can YOU do to be unpredictable? Think of what you can do for your clients, employees, co-workers or counterparts to really stand out and bring some attention to your business. Real attention that will bring cash right into your wallet. (Notice I didn’t say bank because by the time cash arrives to your wallet it’s really yours!)

This weekly appointment for strategic planning doesn’t have to take long either. You’re looking at about 15 or 20 minutes max for starters. Jot down, as quick as you can, five or more fresh and creative ideas that will kick up the tempo. Don’t think about them… simply write. Let your thoughts flow through your arm onto the paper. Nothing is too outrageous. Nothing is too silly or far fetched. What you will often discover are the seeds that soon sprout another idea worth implementing. Do this every week that you plan to be successful. Do this every week you  consider yourself a serious business professional.

More often then not business owners simply react when things are bad or something comes to our attention. Why not be proactive, systematic and unpredictable. The secret here is consistency which over time will turn into measurable results. If you have consistent scheduled reflection, accompanied by written words and follow up with action, then you will see those ideas manifest into a growing thriving business everyone wants to be involved in. You will have systematically transformed what was into what you most desire. By carving out a specific time each week to develop your strategy you will easily place yourself  in a position to win at every turn.

Remember this ->  Focused Concentration + Written Words (plan, goals, etc.) + Action = Measurable Results

So allow ‘Sexy Saturday’ (which sounds way better than Consistent Scheduled Reflection) or another catchy phrase to become sort of a reference for your plan of action toward greatness. When you use your ability to be unpredictable with your special someone…sparks fly. Use it in your business and you’ll see the sparks fly too. Give it a try and let me know your results. I’m looking forward to some great ideas. ~De

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