Announcing ‘Shannon’s Gift’ Book Launch

Announcing ‘Shannon’s Gift’ Book Launch

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This exciting beyond words!! I’m happy to announce that my client, Nate Bennett, has successfully published his most personal book yet titled ‘Shannon’s Gift’ as a loving tribute to his late wife. Order now and expect to be caught up within a touching story of life and loss. This is a definite must read that inspires and reaffirms the power of love within every word. Without trying Nate has a way of giving you a ‘fly on the wall’ view with humor, sensitivity, and genuine sincerity.

AllBiz came into the picture (thanks to Echo Garrett) shortly before the one year anniversary of Shannon’s passing in an effort to give an online home. This launch announcement is especially sweet since having been on the sidelines watching Nate work through his grief in such a strong powerful manner. Nate and myself not only worked as a team in bringing the site to life but he and Echo also entrusted me with the task of turning his 300k blog manuscript into proper format so Echo could work her magic when presenting ‘Shannon’s Gift’ to publishers for printing.

What’s great too is that since its June 1st launch Shannon’s Gift is #10,377 on Amazon and ranks #48 in the self-help/grief/loss category. Nate is also setting aside a portion of the proceeds to help fund research in combating Mitochondrial disease, and if you’ve known anyone with a debilitating disease you also know that every penny counts. Do your part and take a moment to show your support by buying your copy today and by also connecting with Nate using the icons below.

It’s never easy sharing such a personal story so I applaud Nate for his courage in allowing us to travel with him on his path from loss to a life full of love and happiness. He’s such an inspiration 😉

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